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All you shutter-bugs out there – get your cameras ready. Now thru July 31st you can enter 2 original photos of your best looking horse and you could win a $20.00 gift certificate (in addition to braHorse picturegging rights for having the best looking horse in the area). Our customers will vote for their favorite picture beginning Aug. 6th thru Aug. 26th. The winner will be announced August 29th. Stop by for details or check out our website.

Contest rules: Each individual may submit 1 or 2 original photos of their best looking horse. All photos become property of Johnson’s Milling & Feed, Inc. (JMF) and will not be returned to the individual submitting the photo. All entries must be received by 5:30pm at JMF on July 31, 2015. All photos will be displayed at JMF from 8/6/15 thru 8/26/15. Customers will vote on their favorite photo, with only 1 vote per photo, per store visit. Votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced on Aug. 29th. Winner will receive a $20. Gift Certificate and “bragging rights”. JMF reserves the right to change or alter these rules if the need arises.

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