Deer and Wildlife Food Plots

We can supply you with the best feeds, attractants, and assist you in creating the best food plots for your wildlife. For your food plots, the most important piece of that puzzle is choosing the right variety of mixes grown from the best seed. We are proud to offer D.R. Mayo Wildlife plot mixes, Heartland Wildlife products and Pennington.


We stock a variety of attractants from Purina Mills, Heartland Wildlife, Sweetlix, and more. Call for more information


Below is a list of types of wildlife seeds. Not all varieties are available year-round, so please contact us for more information.

Heartland Wildlife Rack Maker Extreme – Rack Maker Extreme is designed to be planted in the early fall as a fall/winter food plot. It will also serve extremely well as a hunting plot. Rack Maker Extreme is a blend of winter oats, winter rye and forage soybeans and three brassicas: a hybrid turnip, forage rape and purple top turnips. The frost tolerant ingredients in this mix offer a different peak attraction period, providing deer activity through all hunting seasons.

Heartland Wildlife Secret Weapon - Secret Weapon is a blend of winter peas and forage soybeans combined with a blend of brassicas. The brassicas include turnips, forage rape, and hybrid forage turnips. This blend will provide a unique late season and early winter food plot ideal for those small plots that are are the right size for a “Secret Weapon” in your best hunting locations. Deer will hit this plot hard for several weeks. With turnips in the blend, they will come back in winter.


Pennington Seed is proud to offer wildlife seed to improve your wildlife habitat. Our varieties and various mixes have been field tested for many years on the Pennington hunting preserve and are the finest products on the market today.

Deluxe Fall Deer Mixture

Rackmaster Deluxe fall mixtures contain small grains and annual legumes to attract deer and help them build up stored fat to survive the harsh winter months. Regionally developed.

Deluxe Spring/Summer Deer Mixture

Rackmaster Deluxe Spring Mixtures provide needed nutrients to develop antlers, body size, milk for developing fawns and enhanced health of the entire deer herd. This unique mix contains soybeans, iron clay cowpeas, buckwheat, sunflower, and sorghum to create an abundant food source and excellent cover for deer, turkey, dove and quail.

Rackmaster Choice Chicory

Developed by New Zealand breeders for the United States, Rackmaster® Choice Chicory produces high quality, high protein and high yielding forage for deer and other wildlife.

Rackmaster Clover Trio

Rackmaster Clover Trio is a blend of annual and perennial clovers with staggered maturity dates to ensure adequate protein rich forage is available to your deer herd when most needed.

Rackmaster Deer Feed Block

Rackmaster Deer Feed Block provides essential minerals and energy necessary for maximum body growth, antler development and reproduction of deer.

Rackmaster Deer Greens

Rackmaster Deer Greens is a combination of annual rape, kale and turnip that provides abundant green leafy plants for deer in the fall and winter months. Works well alone or in mixtures.

Rackmaster Deer Mineral

Rackmaster Deer Mineral contains only natural major mineral ingredients and a balanced menu of trace mineral ingredients specifically designed to fortify the mineral requirements of deer.

Rackmaster Durana

Rackmaster® Durana is a perennial white clover that withstands heavy grazing pressure, tolerates acidic soils and competes aggressively with weeds and grasses as commonly seen in food plot situations. It is nutrient dense with protein levels of 25% or more. With suitable conditions, Durana can persist 3-5 years or longer. A hunter favorite.

Rackmaster Elite

Rackmaster Elite is a unique cool season food plot seed mixture developed to attract whitetail deer, produce high yields and last for multiple years without replanting.

Rackmaster Refuge

Rackmaster® Refuge is a fall and spring planted seed mixture of annual greens, perennial clover and chicory that provides an abundant amount of protein rich forage for deer, turkey and other wildlife.

Wild Turkey Mixture

Pennington’s WingMaster Wild Turkey Mixture provides seed, leaves, tubers, fruits, forbs and grasses for an ideal habitat to attract and maintain turkey populations on your property. Ingredients include millets, grain sorghum, buckwheat, chufa, and white clover.


warm season reseeding annual legume


perennial legume

Alyce Clover

warm season annual legume

Arrowleaf Clover

cool season reseeding annual legume

Austrian Winter Peas

cool season annual legume

Benne or Sesame

warm season annual forb

Bicolor Lespedeza

warm season perennial shrub

Black Sunflower (Peredovik Type)

warm season annual

Blue Lupine

cool season annual legume

Browntop Millet

warm season annual grass


warm season annual


warm season annual sedge

Crimson Clover

cool season reseeding annual legume

Crown Vetch

perennial legume

Dove Proso Millet

warm season annual grass

Egyptian Wheat

warm season annual grass

Georgia One Birdsfoot Trefoil

perennial legume

Hairy Vetch

cool season reseeding annual legume

Iron and Clay Peas

warm season annual legume

Japanese Millet

warm season annual grass

Kobe/Korean Lespedeza

warm season annual legume

Oklahoma Game Bird Peas (Catjang Peas)

warm season annual legume

Partridge Peas

warm season reseeding annual legume

Red Clover

cool season perennial legume

Sesbania (Swamp Peas)

annual legume


warm season annual legume

Subterranean Clover

cool season annual legume

White Ladino Clover

cool season perennial legume

Wild Game Food (WGF) Sorghum

annual grass