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When: Feb 7 To March 30


Johnson's Milling & Feed, Inc. -                ALL POULTRY SOLD ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS

To pre-pay for an order of checks, please contact us

Please Note:  Hatchery certifies to 90% true to sex on all pullets. 

All deliveries as subject to Hatchery availablity and subject to change

2019 Prices1 - 4950+
Prices of Rare breeds

Pullets$3.25 $           3.15
Rare Pullets$3.95

Roosters$1.95 $           1.85
Rare Roosters$2.95

Rare St Run $2.95

Expected Arrival date Feb 28

Expected Arrival March 7

BreedSt Run

Black Giant250
Assorted Bantams50$3.75

Light Brahma252

Dark Brahma253


Expected Arrival date March 21

Expected Delivery Date March 28


Ameraucana 500

Barred Rock500
Black Australorp25

Brown Leghorn253
Black Sex Link25

Buff Orpington253
Buff Orpington25

Golden Comet500
Buff Brahma252

R I Red503
Golden Comet50

Silver Laced Wyandotte252
G.L. Wyandotte252

White Leghorn 25

New Hampshire25

Production Red25

Ducks Straight Run - Min. Order 3

R.I. White 252

Expected Delivery April 17

R.I. Red252

Khaki 25$4.95



arrival April 17St RunPrice

French Guineas50$4.95

Expected Delivery May 1st - Minimum order of 3

Artisan Gold Turkey St. Run       25 $8.75

Bronze Turkey St. Run           25$8.75

White Turkey St. Run 25$7.75

Join us for CHICK DAYS 2019 - March 1st thru 30th 


We have hundreds of baby chicks scheduled to arrive 

Special pricing on Starter-Grower feeds, poultry founts,

feeders, brooder lamps, and bulbs.