Animal Feed

IMAG3470Big or Small we can feed them all!

With over 31 years in the feed business, the folks at Johnson’s Milling and Feed, Inc. have the knowledge and experience to assist in planning the best feeding program for your pets and livestock – stop in and let’s discuss your situation.

Is there a difference in feed?

As you may know, the types of feed you choose to feed will affect the health of your animal. There is a difference in the quality of feeds and that difference is evident in your animal (whether livestock or pet).

Since 1986 Johnson's Milling and Feed, Inc. has built the reputation of offering quality products and at great prices. With a knowledgeable, caring staff, we strive to give the type of service and products that we desire ourselves.

With the rising cost of feed ingredients, many of the commercial feeds on the market will be changing their feed ingredients to keep the prices as low as possible without regard to nutritional content. Therefore, you will have to feed more of this low quality feed to give your pet or livestock the energy requirements they need to maintain or grow. These feeds actually waste money, because the cost per day increases.

When choosing the best products to use and offer our customers, we want the best feed at the best prices. In addition to milling our own brand of cattle feed, poultry feed, and hog feed, we are proud to represent national and local feed companies. We stock a variety of feeds from Purina Mills, Bartlett Milling Co., Eagle Roller Mill, Campbell's Feed & Fertilizer, Diamond Brand Dog Feeds, PMI Nutrition pet feed, Joy Pet Feeds, Nederland's Caged Bird Seed, Total Engine, Victor and more. (We are working on getting these websites on the links page.) These companies have spent years on research and offer both economy products and value added products. Using the highest quality ingredients and latest techniques, these companies offer you the best feed.


Since we receive shipments of feed weekly, you know that our feed hasn’t been sitting around, buried in back of the “big box store.”

If you want some help choosing the feed products best suited for your animals, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.

At Johnson’s Milling and Feed Inc., we have dedicated ourselves to offering you, our valued customer, fresh, top quality products—the best value for your hard earned dollar. We use the products we recommend and strive to offer you service second to none!


Contact us if you wish to find out more information about our products. We are confident we have products, service, and expertise to meet all your needs.

Attention Cattle Owners

Give your cattle the boost they need with COW KICKER cattle feed. We produce this all-natural, tried, and true feed on-site. Cow Kicker is great for stockers, brood cattle, or finishing cattle. Available in 50# bags, quantity discounts are available.

Don't Forget the Dangers of Grass Tetany

Grass tetany, sometimes called grass staggers, wheat-pasture poisoning, lactation tetany and hypomagnesemia, is a metabolic disorder of livestock. It occurs primarily in ruminant animals; lactating cows are the most susceptible. Older cows are more susceptible to tetany. Grass tetany is common during cool, cloudy, and rainy weather and often occurs when cool weather is followed by a warm period. Animals get grass tetany most often while grazing cool-season grasses or small-grain pastures in spring or fall. Quite often, clinical signs are not observed, and the only evidence is a dead cow.

Though it is impossible to totally prevent grass tetany, providing the cowherd with a palatable form of magnesium supplementation is any easy and effective way to reduce the chance of this condition. Commercial magnesium supplements are available in blocks and loose mineral forms.

With years in the feed business, we have the knowledge and experience to assist in planning the best feeding program for your cattle herd, no matter how large or small.